Currently Studio Fugazi publishes three ongoing works, shown below. This may seem like a fool's errand for just one man to undertake, which is why I don't do it. Stephen Reid is my partner-in-crime on the book Thugs. Dedlock and Travis the Undying, however, are books I do solely on my own. You can read a little bit about each title below, as well as what will happen to them in the immediate future, and what the total game plan is as well.


One day I'm minding my own business at my day job, when this tall guy with a thick Irish accent approaches me and says "Hey, I heard you like comics. I want to draw one. Write something and let's make a book." This may very well be the ONLY time in recorded comic book history an artist sought out a writer. I'm pretty sure it's usually the other way around.

Thugs began as a simple gag: What would happen if one of those henchmen in the old Adam West Batman show got lucky and offed the Dynamic Duo? Not the Joker, not Catwoman...we're talking about their henchmen, who usually seemed to be played by the same actors week to week. We were goofing around on it, then we started wondering what the repercussions would be if that happened. Sure the superheroes would be mad and want to avenge their fallen comrade, but we figured the villains would be pretty angry as well.

Along the way we created some great side-characters - Ultramaiden, Testosterone, and my personal favorite, Mr. Mystery - and we've had fun skewering any sacred cows that show up in pretty much every comic these days.

Our plan is to do 12 issues. We posted the first four online at a different website, but that domain is going away. I'll be reposting them here bit by bit as a buffer while I work on other projects. So if you've never read an issue of Thugs, this will be a nice gateway drug for you. As those who went to the old site know, what goes up on the web is NOT everything we cram into the books (or why would you bother picking up the book?)

Additionally, you might think "I'll wait for the trade" when you hear me say we have only a dozen issues planned. Fair warning, you may be waiting a while. Steve and I both have day jobs, and while they're not as glamorous as working on an indie comics, the provide us the opportunity to create independent books while putting a roof over our heads and providing for our loved ones. We average a book a year, and that's a long time to wait to get your smile on. So splurge a little and pick up a single issue...they won't hurt you!



Dedlock began as my attempt to create a book all on my own - taking on both writing and art chores. I've always considered myself a writer first and an artist second, and that's not likely to change. It's not that I can't draw, or create a good sequential chops were simply not up to where I wanted them to be. Still, I soldiered on. The best way to learn, after all, is to *do*.

When her clandestine terrorist organization is bought out in a corporate takeover, Lady Draca Infernia finds herself out of a job, out of a home, and out of a purpose in life. Suddenly she meets Jake, a former employee/minion of hers who may have been responsible for her downfall. Plotting revenge, Draca mistakenly drinks her first beer, and wakes up the next morning in a Vegas hotel room. Married. To the object of her hatred. It's not's Dedlock!

Two issues exist of this book right now, and if you see them, I advise you to buy them, as they won't be coming back. So when I'm dead, you'll truly have a collector's item on your hands. It's not that I'm not proud of them. I am. They represent my first real step outside of my comfort zone and into a bigger realm.

But I can do better. I'd planned to do four issues, but this story can be so much better if I just take it out of the confines of a 22-page tale. I can dig deeper. I can say more. I can bring the funny even more. And there's really only one way to do that...

...I'm giving it away for free on the web.

Call it a reboot. Call it a New, New 1. I'm going to tell this story again, and better, on the web. When I feel enough pages and arcs have been covered, I'll collect them in a trade, which I'll sell at conventions and online. Now, factor in that I'll also be working on Thugs and Travis while this is going on, and you can imagine my update time will perhaps equal or surpass Fred (Megatokyo) Gallagher's (and if you read his comic (which you should) you know what I mean!). It won't be easy, but it will be challenging and fun. Join me.



Once I got Dedlock going, I realized I had a fantasy yarn inside me screaming to get out. To the point where I almost didn't want to do anything further on Dedlock (which ended up being the case, sadly!). I've always loved fantasy tales - more than sci-fi, more than horror, even more than *gasp!* superhero comics! Give me a hearty warrior or a firemaiden in inappropriate and impractical armor, put a sword in their hand, point them in the direction of the nearest dragon, and I'm there.

Travis McEllhone is a great warrior, and he has the ego to go with it. So great was his hubris that he denied the Gods had anything to do with his accomplishments...if they even exist at all! Unfortunately for Travis, they *do* exist, and they don't take kindly to his boasts. So they remove his natural skills and abilities, but also make him "undying". Oh he can be hurt. He can lose a limb. Heck, he can have his head severed from his body. He just can't die. Every morning he's back, ready for more punishment.

Rarely do I fall in love utterly and completely with a character I create. I love them all, of course, or I wouldn't write about them or fret about not doing them justice in how I tell their stories (see Dedlock, above), but in Maetra, the Queen of the Gods, I've created a character I absolutely love. I love how she's drawn. I love her bitchy attude. I love that she has princess curls (I'm an absolute sucker for princess curls (look it up if you don't know) on a character (they're wicked fun to draw!)). So I know I did the right thing taking time off to focus on this book.

The plan is to just work on this like any other traditional comic. I don't know how many issues it'll take to tell this story, and isn't that fun in and of itself? If you find the original black and white book, pick it up, as when it's done it won't be reprinted. I plan to go back and color issue #1 and go from there. You'll also be able to read this one on the web, but it'll be piecemeal. To get everything - the full glorious mess of it - get the book. You won't be sorry.


So there you have it. Crazy? Probably. Fun? Absolutely. And that's just the comic side of things. I haven't talked at all about my book project, or the one-shot issue I'm working on, or my mandolin practice*, or the artwork I'm always creating in the background. I will, but that'll come the next time I update this page.


  * Yes, I have a mandolin. Honestly. They're fun to play!    


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