Here's where you'll find whatever stuff I'm working on that's not quite ready for Social Media consumption. Basically any work in progress or anything where I'm not really looking for opinions from the peanut gallery. :)
This is how I've always wanted to see Batman or Spider-Man end up. Just once. Not that they would, but I can dream, right?
I had a lot of fun with this one, mainly because I had rough ideas about the personalities behind my "Not-So-Dynamic" Duo, they only really started to come to life once I started drawing the comic. Nightingale is a bit more practical than her partner, but Harrier's easily the more "fun" of the two. It's really up to you to decide who's "better" between them.
Harrier and Talon are my take on the wonderful world of superheroines. The real fun of superheroines, to me, was that by and large they were created by men. Hence the "need" for high heels, boob windows, and a marked lack of pants in most of their outfits. Times are changing, and for the better, but that's not going to stop me from poking fun at everything that gave me the fetish in the first place.