So that beast above is a Basenji. I own one. Or I should say it owns me. And yes, you spend about 90% of that ownserhip looking at "Ol' Brown Eye" because they have this fascination with making sure you see their butt.

They're actually quite an interesting breed. They don't bark, but instead have kind of a yodel that they'll do only on occasion. This makes them very desirable pets for people who want some peace and quiet around the house. Sadly, they won't get it because they tend to get into everything. Trust me on this.

They're also considered one of the "10 Ancient Breeds" of dogs, and have close ties to wolves (hint, hint) and the first known appearance of them is in heiroglyphs on some ancient Egyptian materials. Basenjis know all about this noble past, and will remind you of it on a daily basis.

Just a Reminder from The Week Before Last Week: The good people at House of Haha - the guys who make merchandise with my artwork on it - have updated their website and picked up a TON of new types of things you can get with my artwork defacing them. I do a lot of things besides Barbrabarian, so if you'd like a chance to see some of that, click that handy link above or go to the STORE link at the top and click the link there. Look, I don't care, just CLICK THE LINK ALREADY!!!

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