Yeah, I went back to the same well for this joke, but it's a good well to go to.

No strip next week as I'm off to do work-related stuff. Yes, I have a "real world" job that allows me to occasionally sit on my duff and make funny comics about eight-year girls and Nordic warriors.

I'll get back to the funny stuff week after next.

* * *

Just a Reminder from The Week Before Last Week: The good people at House of Haha - the guys who make merchandise with my artwork on it - have updated their website and picked up a TON of new types of things you can get with my artwork defacing them. I do a lot of things besides Barbrabarian, so if you'd like a chance to see some of that, click that handy link above or go to the STORE link at the top and click the link there. Look, I don't care, just CLICK THE LINK ALREADY!!!

- AL


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