Whee! It's strip #150! I thought about doing a "very special" strip to commemorate the occasion, but honestly, I want to keep this going while I'm cranking out the strips.

Spent the weekend at Verde Valley Comic Expo hawking my wares. A great time was had by all. If you have a smaller convention in your area, do yourself a favor and attend it. Support local art as best you can, be it with your dollars, or just an encouraging word. Even having people tell you they like what you do is good food for the soul.

* * *

There was a great old Charlie Brown poster that had the titular character next to the phrase "The more I learn, the more I learn how much more I have to learn."

I've discovered one my favorite parts of putting together a comic is lettering. It's perhaps the most overlooked and nerdiest part of the who thing, but if you like puzzles, this is your bag. There are rules and expectations...avoid widows and orphans, check your kerning on every sentence...but there's also a near-infinite number of ways to follow those rules. YouTube "How to Letter a comic" and you'll get tons of videos, each with a different methodology. For the longest time, I did my word balloons in a program called Illustrator, then drug them over to Photoshop to put everything together. I'd been searching for a way to get the versatility of Illustrator's vector graphics with the ease of use Photoshop provides. And lo...I found it.

I really like how these balloons look. All done in Photoshop. All uniform and solid. I think a few more turns using this cool new technique and this could be something I carry over to Red Skirts. Maybe the second issue, as we're really in deep on the current one.

Bored yet? Toldja it was the nerdiest part of making a funnybook! :)

Just a Reminder from The Week Before Last Week: The good people at House of Haha - the guys who make merchandise with my artwork on it - have updated their website and picked up a TON of new types of things you can get with my artwork defacing them. I do a lot of things besides Barbrabarian, so if you'd like a chance to see some of that, click that handy link above or go to the STORE link at the top and click the link there. Look, I don't care, just CLICK THE LINK ALREADY!!!

- AL


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