This one, you'll notice, is a little rough. To reiterate the overall game plan - you're getting the rough stuff online. When this eventually goes to print...and it'll see color, cleaner or out-and-out eliminated lines, improved text placement (and capitalization) (give yourself a point if you caught the lower case "I" in that last balloon) and hopefully you'll see a progression. As I write this I'm in the late teens to early twenties on the point where some of these may even be completely re-drawn. Some...not all...I like the rawness of a few of them. I mean, this *is* a story about a barbarian, after all!

I'm still debating whether or not to actually show the parents or leave them headless monsters to torment Barbra (or is it the other way around?) I did do character sketches for them, but thus far they've been present but unseen. Probably down the line they'll show up.

- Al


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