"Dim-witted" is so not being used enough to describe people. Of course my favorite -"Young fry of treachery!" - isn't used all that much either. Maybe I'll work that one in before the strip is complete.

By the way, for those of you keeping count, next week is Barb's 150th strip. Yes, I'm as surprised as you might be at that statement. I don't know that I've ever fathomed this comic would go on for this long. Well, maybe part of me did. I'm not sure there's enough to the Ragnarok storyline to warrant making it to 200, but we'll see.

I think 200 strips would be a pretty nice stopping point, don't you?

* * *

Just a Reminder from The Week Before Last Week: The good people at House of Haha - the guys who make merchandise with my artwork on it - have updated their website and picked up a TON of new types of things you can get with my artwork defacing them. I do a lot of things besides Barbrabarian, so if you'd like a chance to see some of that, click that handy link above or go to the STORE link at the top and click the link there. Look, I don't care, just CLICK THE LINK ALREADY!!!

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