Barbrabarian, at its core, was an attempt to see if I could commit to a regular schedule publishing a webcomic that I could be proud of. I suceeded on the last part, but really really REALLY blew it on that whole "regular schedule" thing.

From henceforth, look for more "comics on the web" from me but not "webcomics" as I define them. A comic on the web isn't beholden to a committed schedule in my book the way a "webcomic" is. That doesn't mean I'm planning to go months on end without an update like I did with Barb, but in 2019 my plan is to show you the progress as I build my funnybooks.

Barbrabarian will always be special to me, and the the two people who I think read it on a regular basis. I appreciate the support people threw her way by buying a book, sending me feedback (usually positive), or just asking what happens next.

Thanks for supporting her, and me. More focused lunacy to come in the future...

- AL





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