I'm back. Long overdue to revamp this site and get things going again. Honestly, I haven't been sure what to do with it aside from pay the semi-annual hosting bill and let it sit here. I can showcase my artwork to a wider audience on Farcebook and Instagram, after all. Why have my own personal website at all, really, right?

Why not?

My audience - such as it is - has always veered toward the sick and twisted crowd, and I've only recently decided to really start catering to that group. Fun thing is, I can do that by simply creating the things that always appealed to me in the first place. Tits the Elf? She's gonna live here. Harrier and Nightingale? They'll show up here as well. Actual serious work? Yep, it'll be here as well.

Basically this site is going to be the showcase for whatever the heck I'm working on at the moment. Whether it's a comic, a piece of art, some Vogon poetry, or just random musings. It'll contain stuff you won't get to see on the social media sites of the world. I'll still be posting there, but I figure if you take the time to come here, you deserve to see what I'm not willing to share with the rest of the world just yet.

Welcome. Thanks for supporting my habits. Now, Then, and in the Future...

- Al 10/10/2019