There was another direction I could have gone with this, involving a word that rhymes with "sit" that most dogs do really well, but this is a family comic, so no.

A funny thing happened at the day job...I got promoted! It's more money, which is nice, but they're actually expecting me to EARN it by taking on more responsibility. Nothing wrong with that, either, but it may impact the occasional strip if things get away from me. Nothing's going to stop this strip, but there may be the occasional slowdown in favor of getting things ready for conventions, working on Red Skirts, getting the follow up to Barbrabarian ready (what?!?) and of course, making this strip...all in addition to putting a roof over my head and paying the bills. So while I'm excited about the promotion - I'm that a rara avis who actually works in the field I studied to work in - it may take its toll if I don't balance work, life, and art properly.

Worse problems a person could have in this world, right?

* * *

Just a Reminder from The Week Before Last Week: The good people at House of Haha - the guys who make merchandise with my artwork on it - have updated their website and picked up a TON of new types of things you can get with my artwork defacing them. I do a lot of things besides Barbrabarian, so if you'd like a chance to see some of that, click that handy link above or go to the STORE link at the top and click the link there. Look, I don't care, just CLICK THE LINK ALREADY!!!

- AL





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